Where To Buy Dunkaroos – Vanilla Frosting for Mr. Fancy Pants

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Still staying up late at night, looking at your ceiling and asking yourself where to buy dunkaroos?  Wake up and smell the roses…no, make that dunkaroo cookies.  Yep!  Betty Crocker dunkaroos are still available from Canada.  Make that Ontario, Canada to be more exact.  Chocolate dunkaroos appeal to you?  Or perhaps you really liked your cookies with Vanilla Frosting with all of those fancy Rainbow Sprinkles.  Either way YOU win the prize.  Betty Crocker dunkaroos are still made with a choice of two flavors of frosting.

We suggest adding a few boxes to your weekly lunch bag list.  Better yet – take them to work and pass them around at your next Staff Meeting.  Could be the best way to impress your Boss.  Order Betty Crocker dunkaroos cookies today and get them delivered within 3 business days.  Hey!  What are you waiting for?  Betty Crocker made them just for you…and you…and you…and me!

Ready to take a study break before Final Exams? Need to order Chocolate Dunkaroos – follow this link.

Want to be Mr. Fancy Pants?
Want to be Mr. Fancy Pants?

Are your friends still calling you a Fancy Pants?  Well, in that case, we suggest you go with the Betty Crocker Vanilla Dunkaroos with Rainbow Sprinkles.  It’s definitely the best flavor to set the mood before your next Big Date or just a special night on the town.  Follow this link and best of luck stopping at just one box.  Don’t say we have not warned you…


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