Where can I buy Dunkaroos with chocolate frosting

Click to buy Dunkaroos How Fresh is “fresh” you may ask?  Urban Legends abound about how many years it has been since DunkAroos disappeared from the supermarket shelves in the USA.

There are certainly some very strange things on the Internet for sale including boxes of very stale Dunkaroos cookies.  We certainly do NOT recommend buying anything after the

The perfect  post nuclear holocaust snack food
The perfect post nuclear holocaust snack food

manufacturer’s “Best Buy” date stamped on the box – but, on the other hand Twinkies are rumored to last almost forever…But that’s another story for another time.

Expiration dates are imprinted on each (and every box) of Dunkaroos that you will find in all stores operating in Canada.  What is it about our Neighbors to the North?  Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts, NHL hockey, ice cold beer and cigarettes have not yet gone out of style in Canada – which some people believe is a bad thing. But the Good News is that you can still buy (and enjoy…) Dunkaroos from Ontario Canada.  The biggest problem is how do you get up there to grab a few sweet treats  for yourself, your kids or even your grandKids.  Some “classic” snack foods just get passed along to younger generations.  Tasty bad habits always die hard – and some just don’t ever go away.  Similar to the Bad Penny story which always seems to turn up at the wrong time – DunkaRoos are always popular with the children of the 1990s.  And as they continue to age into their 30’s by now – surely there must be a large unmet demand building up.  Frustrated by wanting to open a few blue trays to dip (or dunk…) your cookies into that dee-licious icing inside?  I know I do – and here is how to make that dream happen once again. Order DunkAroos cookies from our web store.  We ship from Buffalo, NY using the U.S. Post Office.  Larger orders may be shipped via Priority Mail.  Smaller order will be mailed First Class.  Either way, you will often get your Dunkaroos cookies products delivered to you in 3 business days or less.  Life is always very good when you have Betty Crocker’s DunkAroos in your lunch bag or lunch box! IF you are still asking yourself the question: “…where can I buy Dunkaroos…” then we have two perfect answers to that question.  Both “classic flavors are still available: 1 Box of Dunkaroos Cookies with Vanilla Frosting & Rainbow Sprinkles 1 Box of Dunkaroos Cookies with Chocolate Frosting Dunkaroos™ is a snack that lets Kids do what they love – explore new things, escape the ordinary, and best of all – dunk any way they want!  Made with whole grain goodness, it’s a snack that everyone in a family can feel good about. Imported from Canada  each week and always shipped fresh to you!

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