Vanilla and Chocolate Dunkaroos = Double The Frosting and Double The Fun

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I don’t know what is going on elsewhere – but when you buy Dunkaroos cookies today – the only flavor of the DEE-licious dunkaroo cookies (or biscuits if you really want to get fancy…) inside each package is vanilla.  The Good News is that TWO frosting flavors are available: you can select either Vanilla Frosting with Rainbow Sprinkles OR Chocolate frosting.  Some people out there would have you believe that you can get other cookie flavors and/or other frosting flavors.  Not so!

Hector and his Victrola
Hector and his Victrola

Maybe way back when Hector was a Pup – you might have been able to order graham cracker cookies but that choice is long gone.  Some other customers indicated a preference for chocolate chip cookies.  Sorry – those are not available either.  Bottom Line? Betty Crocker always know best.  So, when she says vanilla cookies she MEANS vanilla cookies.  No other substitutes are allowed.

Yes, I have also recently seen those advertisements on eBay or Amazon or other web sites listing long-gone cookie flavors for sale.  Something is definitely wrong with that.  Bad product image perhaps?  Bad product description perhaps?  Trust me – those cookie flavors are JUST NOT available anymore.  You better ask those “best buy” dates.

We just wanted to let you know that we import Dunkaroos from Canada each week.  Weekly imports mean FRESH products.  But you need to know that the only cookie flavor available for Dunkaroos cookies is vanilla.  But don’t call it “plain vanilla” – when you slather on the frosting you go from Plain Jane to WOW.  Chocolate flavored frosting OR Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles.  My favorite?  I have to go with chocolate.  It’s simple – It’s classic – It’s me.  However, if YOU want to be known as a “fancy pants”, then go with the Vanilla with Rainbow Frosting.

Jane is Definitely Not Plain Anymore
Jane is Definitely Not Plain Anymore

Order Dunkaroos today.  Fast shipping – fresh products.  What’s not to like?

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