Dunkaroos – The Perfect Lunch Box Surprise

Has your Superman, Marvel comics or Batman metal lunch box that we took to school each day with our head held high turned into a wrinkled lunch BAG that we take to work as we ride each morning?  Have we actually changed that much?  Not me – I have to go to work

Brown Lunch Bag With Apple
What Is Really Inside That Brown Lunch Bag ??

each day to bring home the bacon every two weeks – some people simply call that “adulthood”.   Kids, car and wives all cost money – and don’t get me going on that college school loan direct debit that comes out of my checking account each month.  That 6 figure debt load can be downright depressing at times.  If there was only ONE thing that I learned in those four years it would be that nothing is ever the same.  Time has changed me and it probably has changed you – but it has NOT changed Betty Crocker Dunkaroos.  Yes, a few of the cookie flavors (or shapes…) have gone away.  But the classic vanilla cookie with Rainbow Sprinkles frosting remains the same.  It must be the visual color variety that makes me prefer those Rainbow Sprinkles over the chocolate frosting.  Hey – everyone has a preference!

Monday is always a good day to toss a six- pack of those vanilla cookies and Rainbow Sprinkles frosting into my trusty old, but wrinkled brown lunch bag just before I jump on the #10 bus to work.  It isn’t very easy getting back into the swing of things on a Monday morning – and that Tuesday staff meeting at 9:00 AM is not a lot of fun either – but when all is said and done, I grab a cup of coffee and trot back to my cubicle where is time to decompress, kick back then open up one the 6 packets inside each box of dunkaroos cookies.  Everyone has to make their own choice.  You can grab a bagel from the blind guy at the concession stand in the Lobby, walk across the street for a Tim Horton’s coffee and glazed chocolate donut – and if you want to really Go Big, there is always a Star Bucks down the street.  Trust me on this one – that blonde Barista knows nothing about what is the best coffee flavor that would make those Dunkaroos cookies taste even better.  Especially if he/she is still in their early 20’s.  You need the experience from the 1990s to bring some game to the table.

What?  Don’t know what a Dunkaroo is?  Betty Crocker has been producing these “sweet treats” since the late 1980s and has developed a very loyal following.  Want to join our herd?  Click here to order – Dunkaroo cookies are imported from Canada each week.  Shipped to your doorstep in 3 to 5 business days.  Life is short!  Eat dunkaroos cookies today.  Just be prepared to share…

Share Your Dunkaroos
Share Your Dunkaroos Cookies with the boys at work

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